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Notifiers send component availability notifications to your customers or external services via a variety of channels (e.g. Email, Twitter, Webhooks, Push, etc.). This article will give a brief overview of the general options for notifiers.

For more information about particular notifiers, please visit the integrations page.

General Options

Default Notification Level

The default notification events to broadcast on this notifier. For notifiers with subscriptions (e.g. Email, Webhook, Push, etc.), this sets the default notification level for subscribers. Of course, subscribers can override these defaults if they so choose.

For notifiers without subscriptions (e.g. Twitter), this field directly sets the notification events that will be broadcasted over the notifier.


Whether or not to curate the notifier. That is, whether or not to disable public subscriptions on the notifier, allowing you to curate your subscribers manually. This is useful for notifiers like SNS where subscribers are expensive, and you want only certain personnel to recieve SMS notifications.

Testing Notifiers

Any notifier that broadcasts notifications can be tested by clicking the Test Notifier button on the notifier edit page. A simple test notification will be sent to all subscribers on the notifier that listen for Notifier Tested.

If you would prefer to not send test notifications to all subscribers, then using the Custom option of Default Notification Level will allow you to remove Notifier Tested as one of the default notification types subscribers listen for. Please note that this will only affect subscriptions created after the field is changed, and will not retroactively change old subscribers' settings. Currently, bulk subscription modification is not available in the dashboard, but you can always contact support via chat or if you require bulk changes to your subscribers.