Knowledge Base


  • Component: A part of your business or platform, such as a search API, database, payment processor, or a physical location. These can be affected by downtime or other service interruptions.
  • Global Dashboard: A special version of the Hund dashboard (available only on accounts using 2 or more status pages) that allows for viewing main account Billing, as well as all Components, Users, Settings, etc. across an account's various status pages. Global settings can be adjusted from here, which will affect all status pages that sync the particular setting.
  • Issue: An informational announcement which details an ongoing or upcoming event affecting component availability.
  • Metric: An arbitrary dataset that can be displayed alongside any component, or on the homepage of your status page.
  • Notifier: An integration which notifies subscribers or external services of component availability events.
  • State: An integer describing the availability of a component. The possible values for a state are 1, 0, and -1, representing operational, degraded, and outage states respectively.
  • Status: The current or historical availability of a component, as described by a state. Statuses are created by watchdogs whenever the state observed by the watchdog changes.
  • Timeline: A component-wise local or global history of statuses and issues. In the timeline, issues take precedence over statuses of the same components and overlapping time periods. Thus, issues can be used to annotate and/or override statuses as generated by watchdogs.
  • Watchdog: An integration which determines the availability of a component.