Stuck handling support during downtime?

Keep your audience informed of uptime issues automatically with a status page powered by Hund. Try us free for 30 days.

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Communicate Without Pressing Send

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Automated Service Statuses

Hund provides integrations for both infrastructure monitoring and audience notifications.

Other providers restrict themselves to manual updates or limit service integrations.

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Notify Your Audience

Alert your audience of problems by automatically creating status issues when or before the problem occurs.

Notification integrations will be alerted when service statuses change and when issues occur.

A Detailed Look Into Your Performance

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Historical Insights

Visitors get a glimpse into your historical uptime performance.

History streaks showcase your reliability between downtime events, building user trust.

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Rich Detailed Metrics

Metrics in easy-to-understand graphs allow users to understand the performance of your platform.

We support detailed metrics from third-parties such as Pingdom,, and Uptime Robot.

Maintain Brand Consistency

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Customize Your Status Page Design

You maintain full control over the style and branding of your service status page.

Our clean and simple CSS-focused design reduces the amount of work to customize your pages.

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Lock icon https :// /streams/condor-cam/issue
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Custom Domains with Free HTTPS

A custom domain provides your users with a recognizable and trustworthy experience.

Enabling HTTPS on your custom domain is instant, free, and automatic — as it should be.

Redundant, Dependable Infrastructure

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Globally Distributed

Our infrastructure is load-balanced across multiple AWS regions. If any availability zone goes dark, your status page will still be up.

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Disaster Ready

Should the worst happen, we’ve taken extensive measures to prevent data loss by always keeping up-to-date cold and remote backups.

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Uptime Transparency

We use our own product to monitor all of our infrastructure. You can view our historical uptime for yourself on our status page.

One, All-Inclusive Pricing Plan

29 Month Per 20 Components

  • unlimited users and subscribers
  • complete customization control
  • custom domain with free HTTPS
  • detailed performance metrics
  • intelligent historical timeline
  • and more

About Our Service

We Track Service Statuses

Hund performs several million status checks monthly for services across the globe. Each service typically has multiple components that require uptime monitoring (such as, a web server, database, or network).

We Alert Your Audience

We publish and host a status page where your users can check your service status and subscribe to notifications instead of calling support. Our service promptly notifies your audience of uptime issues so you don’t have to.

Your Support Team Will Thank You

Are your support staff repeating the same outage and restoration information to every customer that calls during an outage? Let Hund notify your customers about downtime instead, and free up your staff to handle important issues.

Create Your Status Page