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Kingston University

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Information and Technology Services (I&TS) provides IT services to staff, students and visitors of Kingston University. We strive to provide an excellent service to our customers, but, like any organisation, we have to face the reality of outages, either planned maintenance or unplanned incidents. While listening to our customers, we were hearing a recurring theme that we needed to do more to communicate with them, informing them in advance of scheduled work and also keeping them updated during unplanned outages.

Our customers are truly diverse, in every way, and this is also true of the way they wanted us to communicate with them. Some preferred social media (Twitter, Facebook) while others wanted direct email communications or simple web based updates. provided this ability. It allowed us to tick all of the relevant boxes, ensuring we could get our message across to our customers by as many means as possible, from allowing subscriptions for email alerts, automatic Twitter feeds and embedding messages into our mobile application to inserting the information within our internet and intranet web sites. This solution allows one single point of communication resulting in a reduction of overheads linked to planning all our messages through a variety of channels. has proved to be an excellent partner, excelling at listening to and incorporating our additional requirements and adapting their product to meet our communication needs. With fast responses to queries and issues, along with a competitive pricing arrangement they are proving to be an excellent choice for Kingston University.

While still in the early stages of rolling out this new service and ensuring our customers adopt it, we are confident that will provide the solution, enabling us to continue to strive for customer service excellence.