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Introducing Hund: Automated Status Pages for Everyone

We are excited to announce the official launch of, a new automated status page provider. We have spent the past few months in closed beta as we tweaked our service for the public.

example status page

With Hund, you won't have to worry about updating your status page when downtime strikes, as our automated status checker will do it for you! Choose from a variety of watchdogs to monitor your status page, such as, Pingdom, AWS Cloudwatch, webhooks, and more to come.

Hund affords your team powerful transparency with minimal effort. With rich and detailed metrics displayed for every component of your service, users will understand your service's current performance without further explanation.

Customize your status page to the letter with custom CSS, logos, and favicons at no extra charge. It's your status page, so maintaining brand consistency shouldn't cost extra.

Like any good status page, we automatically alert your users of status changes. Let your users know what's going on (without pressing "send") over Twitter, Email, SMS, webhooks, and others.

Need to give details about your current downtime? No problem; we support issue creation, allowing you to let your users know your current progress in fixing downtime. Scheduled issues make planned maintenance a breeze, notifying users when maintenance is approaching.

We hope you will join us in bringing better status pages to everyone. We are offering free hosted status pages for open source projects. If you're interested, email us at