Proactive Status Pages & Monitoring

Powerful status pages with a robust API and rich metrics. Streamline incident communication and monitor service health. Try us free for 30 days.

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Flexible, Streamlined Communication

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Automated, Multi-Channel Notifications

Hund provides a variety of integrations for automatically notifying your audience whenever service statuses change.

With notifier subscription controls, you may curate your subscribers: adding, deleting, and modifying them as you see fit. Choose what subscribers listen to, or leave it up to them.

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Inform Your Audience

With Hund, your status page can be both manually and automatically updated when problems arise.

Create issues to give your audience a comprehensive explanation of downtime, maintenance, etc. from start to finish. Optionally override the automatic state of an issue’s affected components for even greater flexibility.

Track Your Performance In Real Time

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Automated Service Statuses

Hund's in-house monitoring platform provides automatic updates for any ICMP-enabled server, HTTP/S endpoint, TCP/UDP port, or DNS query.

Leverage a supported third-party monitor such as AWS CloudWatch, PagerDuty, Pingdom, and New Relic; or, build your own monitors using our Webhook integration, complete with an optional dead-man switch for reporting downtime when you cannot.

Screenshot showing a detailed line graph of a status page's component

Rich Detailed Metrics

Metrics help provide insight into the performance of your services, whether it be a response time, Apdex rating, uptime percentage, incident bar graph, or anything else.

We support shipping custom metrics in addition to importing metrics from third-party services. By periodically backfilling metrics, your data maintains maximum consistency.

Maintain Your Brand’s Image

Screenshot displaying the status page's design customization page

Complete Design Customization

Using our design tools, you can customize your status page to adhere to your brand identity.

We support custom HTML and CSS, including support for Liquid markup and your favorite CSS preprocessors.

Screenshot of a browser calling out the custom domain of a status page
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A zoomed in image displaying the status page's custom domain

Custom Domains with Free HTTPS

A custom domain provides your users with a recognizable and trustworthy experience.

Enabling HTTPS on your custom domain is instant, free, and automatic — as it should be.

Redundant, Dependable Infrastructure

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Global Resilience

Optimized for resilience, our infrastructure spans multiple regions and availability zones, running essential services in dedicated isolation.

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Disaster Ready

We've implemented robust strategies to safeguard against data loss, ensuring constant, up-to-date cold and remote backups.

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Uptime Transparency

We use our product to monitor all of our infrastructure. Explore our historical uptime and platform status for yourself on our status page.

One, Unrestrictive Pricing Plan

From 29 Month

  • unlimited traffic, users, and issues
  • unlimited unmanaged subscriptions
  • complete customization control
  • custom domain with free HTTPS
  • granular subscription controls
  • unrestricted integrations
  • and more

About Our Service

We Track Service Statuses

Hund performs billions of status checks annually for organizations across the globe. Trusted by leading universities, Fortune 500s, and small enterprises, our platform swiftly identifies service disruptions.

We Alert Your Audience

We host a status page where your users or team can check your service status and subscribe to notifications instead of contacting support. Subscribers are notified when services they care about are disrupted.

Reduce Strain on Your Support Team

Are your support staff repeating the same outage and restoration information to every support inquiry during an outage? Let Hund notify your customers about downtime instead, and free up your staff to handle important issues.

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